Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure Type

shower enclosure

Bathroom remodels are among the most value-adding home renovation projects. According to Consumer Reports, even the most minor, inexpensive changes can up your home’s resale value by 3%. And nothing can make your bathroom look more attractive than a stylish shower enclosure.

That said, there are so many types of shower enclosures to choose from. Some are suited for big and lavish baths, and some can fit into tight bathroom spaces while still looking good. Knowing the different options will help you choose the best one for your home.

Common shower enclosure types and their benefits

Square Enclosures

These shower enclosures are usually placed in bathroom corners to make the most of the available space. They are perfect for giving small bathrooms that modern look without taking up too much of the floor area.

Rectangle Enclosures

If you have a little more space, the rectangle shower enclosure may be a good option. Instead of a square, the floor area of the enclosure is a rectangle. This gives you more room to move around when you shower. The rectangle enclosure has a modern look and is ideal for bathrooms with a similarly shaped space.

Quadrant Enclosures

The quadrant shower enclosure is also a popular choice for corner installations. Its curved and usually sliding doors differentiate it from the first two types. In some cases, quadrant enclosures save even more space compared to square ones because the doors don’t take up extra room when they’re opened

Quadrant enclosures complement other curved design elements in a bathroom.

angled shower enclosure

Neo-Angle Enclosures

The neo-angle type is a relatively newer trend in shower enclosures. It is another corner shower enclosure with three glass and two wall sides. You can tell an enclosure has a neo-angle design if it has a diamond shape from the top view. This type also can also save space, depending on the existing layout of the bathroom.

Neo-angle shower enclosures are perfect for that stylish and contemporary bathroom look.

Splash Showers

Some homeowners skip the shower doors altogether and opt for the splash enclosure. This is a shower that only has a glass panel that covers parts of a bathroom while leaving the rest open. A splash shower is still technically an enclosure since it separates the shower area from the rest of the room.

The splash shower design offers an elegant touch to bathrooms.

Framed vs. Frameless

Homeowners often also choose between framed or frameless designs alongside the types of enclosure. Framed enclosures usually have chrome lining around the panels making up the enclosure. Meanwhile, frameless ones just use glass.

Framed designs are more traditional, while frameless enclosures are associated with more modern styles. The former also usually require more maintenance because of the additional material and nooks and crannies.


Having a shower enclosure installed is an excellent way to update a bathroom. Learning about the different shower enclosure options helps homeowners choose the best one for their needs and design preferences. For more information about shower enclosures, request an appointment with our specialists. We offer

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