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Ryan & Gordy’s Glass provides custom-cut bathroom vanity mirrors for Minnesota and Wisconsin homes and businesses. Our glass experts will measure, custom-cut, and install mirrors to complete your specific space. If you can dream it, we can create it! Need ideas, we got you covered!

Mirrors in the Size and Shape You Want

Our custom mirrors can be made according to your style preferences and space requirements. We can cut them into different shapes and sizes.

Custom mirrors are great for a variety of rooms, not just the bathroom. We can install rectangular mirrors to cover the wall of your home gym or provide you with a vanity or closet door mirror for your bedroom.

For businesses, mirrors can serve various purposes. You can use our custom mirrors as decor for rooms where you receive your clients. Restaurants and bars can use our custom mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space, and the reflections serve to enhance lighting.

Talk to Our Team and Order Your Custom Mirror

To set an appointment and discuss your needs with our team, just fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you soon. You can also call us at 651-480-0404 or 651-388-7292. We service the greater Twin Cities area, Hastings & Red Wing, MN, and nearby Wisconsin areas.

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Our Custom Mirrors

Ryan & Gordy’s Glass provides a wide variety of custom mirrors of different shapes and sizes and for different purposes.

Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors can be both decorative and functional in bedrooms. We can create mirrors to be used as vanities or for dressing and place them in various places like on your wall or behind your closet door.

Bathroom Mirrors

Pre-made bathroom mirrors are usually functional enough, but if you want something that better suits your needs and preferences, we’ll create a custom bathroom vanity mirror for you.

Exercise Room Mirrors

Mirrors serve a few purposes in gyms. The light they reflect enhances the lighting so gym-goers are able to work out safely. They can also check their form in the mirror to avoid injuries and ensure they’re performing the exercises correctly. Finally, mirrors help them track changes in their body.

Whether you are running a commercial gym or have a home gym, you can rely on us to safely and efficiently install large, rectangular, frameless mirrors to cover your wall and enhance the workout experience.

Living Room Mirrors

Mirrors make for unique décor in living rooms. They add light and depth to your living space, and they easily complement your existing furniture and home accessories.

For example, you could hang circular or oval frameless mirrors of different sizes above your living room couch. They will enhance the lighting while imparting elegance to the room.

Edge Types

You can choose from different edge designs for your mirror:

Seamed Edge

The mirror’s edges are sanded so that they’re dull and safe to handle. This type of mirror edge is usually for when the mirror is to be framed.

Flat Polished Edge

The edges are given small bevels and polished to a shiny finish. This option is ideal for frameless mirrors and gives the mirror a minimalistic appeal.

Beveled Polished Edge

The edges of the mirror are cut at an angle and polished. This gives the mirror a somewhat more eye-catching look. This edge type is best for mirrors that are used as decorative pieces.

Choose Ryan & Gordy’s Glass for Custom-Cut Mirrors

Get the best custom-cut mirror services in Minnesota and Wisconsin from Ryan & Gordy’s Glass. We provide homes and businesses with mirrors that meet their functional and decorative needs.

Highly Experienced Technicians

Ryan & Gordy’s Glass has been providing homes and businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin with glass services for over 40 years. Our technicians have decades of combined experience, empowering them to provide quality services that earn our clients’ satisfaction.

High-Quality Materials

We use only high-quality materials. This means that all our custom-cut mirrors have good reflective qualities and don’t tarnish easily.

Fast Service and Accurate Time Estimates

Our team will process and finish your order as fast as possible. We work hard to complete your custom-cut mirror within the agreed-upon time frame and bring it to your home or business.

Hassle-Free Services

We make sure your experience with our customer service is smooth and seamless. Our processes are simple and convenient.

Custom -Cut Mirrors that Fits Your Needs with Ryan & Gordy’s Glass

Ryan & Gordy’s Glass provides homeowners and businesses with a variety of options for custom-cut mirrors. Enhance your rooms’ lighting, appearance, and functionality with our mirrors.

We offer our custom-cut mirrors to customers in the greater Twin Cities area, Hastings and Red Wing. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. You can also set an appointment for a Saturday if it’s more convenient for you.

To talk to our team and discuss your needs, fill out our online form. You may also call us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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