Is Windshield Replacement Without Insurance Cheaper?

Is Windshield Replacement Without Insurance Cheaper

Cracked and scratched windshields present a problem for visibility and safety while driving, and having no insurance may be holding you back from doing something about it. Auto glass shops offer help if you have insurance, but they also allow for windshield replacement without insurance.

Not having insurance means you will have to pay for the replacement yourself, but being safe has no price. Especially because in Minnesota, traffic laws are stringent, and there are fines for driving with a damaged windshield. 

The Cost of Windshield Replacement

The cost of a windshield replacement is not fixed and depends on several factors. When getting a quote, the auto glass shop will consider the model of the vehicle you are driving and labor charges. The price is also affected by the auto glass quality that is being installed and how “smart” your vehicle’s windshield is.

Location can also affect the replacement cost. At some auto glass replacement providers, you’ll find that prices are more affordable than in others. You can generally expect to pay between $100 to $1,000 for a windshield replacement.

Other Factors Affecting the Price

Modern technology is present in all new cars, turning them into smart vehicles. Cameras, blind-sensors, and sensors for collision prevention are just some of the perks offered today. They are helpful while driving, but we must keep them in mind when replacing a windshield.

These different features may be affected by damaged windshields because they are located there. Be sure the vendor carries that specific windshield for your car based on your VIN number. You want to ensure you can use all of your vehicle’s features located in the windshield.

Replacement With or Without Insurance

Windshield replacement is possible both with and without insurance. Prices vary, and if you don’t have insurance, you should do a little research. Find a reputable vendor with the specific windshield for your vehicle and get quotes.

You can have your windshield replaced for free only if your auto insurance is comprehensive. Be mindful that every car insurance doesn’t include all coverage benefits in the policy. Have a professional provide you with an estimate of the costs, and then you decide if you will file an insurance claim.

Replacing the Windshield Yourself

Owners of vehicles that don’t have insurance are often tempted to replace it themselves. How hard can it be, right? Wrong! Windshields are not an aesthetic piece of equipment; they are an important safety device that protects you during collisions and crashes.

Are you willing to risk your life and the lives of passengers just to save a few dollars? Windshield installation is a very specific task and requires the hand of a professional and experienced technician. Always turn to a trained team to do the job right.

Professional Auto and Truck Glass Replacement in Minnesota

Having a professionally trained team for repairs and replacements of your auto and truck glass with or without insurance, is very important. The Ryan & Gordy’s Glass team follows strict safety standards and protocols and provides the utmost quality, as well as safe and affordable windshield repair and replacement services.

If you decide on using your insurance, we can assist with your insurance claims and make the whole process easier for our customers. Fill in the claim submission form today and get a free estimate.

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