FAQs about Windshield Damage and Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Damage and Auto Glass Repair

Windshields are the number one insurance claim in the US. Any damage to your car’s windows, windshields, or rear screens must be repaired immediately. Driving with a cracked or broken windshield is highly unsafe and could have dangerous consequences. 

As a trusted provider of windshield repair and replacement services in MN and WI, we cover some of the most common questions about auto glass repair.

How Do I Know I Need Windshield Repair or Replacement?

When you first purchase a car, both your windshield and windows should be in pristine condition. Always test the windshield safety and soundness if you own a second-hand car. Minor cracks, unglued parts, or a moving windshield may indicate potential issues.

If neglected, minor windshield or window issues might escalate into bigger and more expensive problems. Therefore, it’s best to repair them right away.

An auto glass repair specialist can help you diagnose windshield cracks and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Can I Deal with the Damage Myself?

Not unless you are a professional or the circumstances indicate an emergency. When it comes to something serious like a broken windshield or a busted car glass, it’s best to have a professional take care of the job. Choosing the DIY route may cause more damage to the glass.

How Much Will Windshield Replacement or Repair Cost Me?


This is one of the most commonly asked questions about auto glass repair. The cost of replacing or repairing the windshield or auto glass depends on the severity of the damage and the vehicle type. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $200 for windshield replacement.

Autoglass repair companies offer different prices for in-shop or mobile services. For instance, you can consult a provider and get an estimate ahead of time to know if the service is within your budget. 

What Should I Keep in Mind after Windshield Repair or Replacement?

Once your windshield has been replaced, you typically need to wait an hour before you can drive your car again. 

You may also consider getting an ADAS calibration. Typically trustworthy providers will suggest ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration. The main purpose of the procedure is to ensure all modern-day car systems, like backup cameras, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and so on, are correctly synced after windshield or car glass replacement. 

A provider that offers ADAS calibration is always the preferred choice over servicers who don’t. 

Your Go-to for Windshield Repair and Replacement Services in MN

With more than 40 years of experience under our belt, Ryan & Gordy’s Glass offers the best windshield repair and replacement services in MN. Each repair or replacement job is completed using top-notch SIKA adhesives. As a family-owned business, we tend to your requests as if they were our own. We are also certified in ADAS covered by the majority of insurance companies.
We specialize in auto glass repair, residential glass replacement, sneeze guards, office dividers, and more. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.

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