5 Reasons to Replace Your Storefront Glass

Replace Your Storefront Glass

Your storefront is a direct reflection of your business. Besides providing security and aesthetic appeal, it also creates a favorable first impression for customers. If your storefront windows are damaged or outdated, it might be time for a commercial storefront glass replacement.

Read on and discover why you should consider updating your storefront glass.

Increased Curb Appeal

If you want to display professionalism and inspire confidence in your business and products, replacing the storefront glass is the first step. First impressions matter to customers and encourage them to explore the products inside.

A clean, modern, and fresh-looking storefront glass dramatically enhances the image of your business. Give your business the needed facelift to stay competitive.

Product Promotion

Storefronts are a powerful marketing tool that needs to be used extensively. New storefront glass lets you maximize the product display space and showcase various marketing materials. Use the area for advertising your products creatively.

Replacing the existing glass can make the property more visible to the outside world and boost your profits.

Reduced Energy Costs

New storefront glass helps decrease energy bills. With numerous improvements in the glass industry, improved insulated glass is now available to help regulate the store temperature level and lower cooling or heating bills. Having glass that allows natural light to enter the property will significantly reduce the need for multiple lights.

Improved Security

Storefront Glass Improved Security

Business owners cannot predict extreme weather events, vandalism, or break-ins which may lead to broken glass. To avoid these incidents, choose a glass type that will provide peace of mind. Choose from tempered, security, or laminated glass as a top option for the safety of the products, visitors, and employees.

When you need replacement or new installation of storefronts, mirrors, or windows, call Ryan & Gordy’s Glass ASAP. Our commercial glass services in Minnesota provide the security and privacy your business needs.

Increased Property Value

No one wishes to buy a property with an outdated or broken glass exterior, and you certainly wouldn’t buy a house with broken windows.

Replacing outdated storefront glass with new ones will add value to your property and can be a significant selling feature.

Those looking to sell the building soon should invest in new glass, bringing more profit. You surely want to make it more marketable and appealing to potential buyers.

Work with Trusted Glass Technicians

Old and cracked storefront glasses shouldn’t be ignored. Otherwise, you risk the safety of your store and your customers.

If you are ready for a commercial storefront glass replacement, Ryan and Gordy’s Glass offers high-quality services and products at competitive rates. With over 40 years experience in the industry, trust us to deliver superior  glass doors, mirrors, and windows.

We also specialize in commercial glass installation and repair. In case of emergency, we offer after-hour glass services. Our other commercial glass services include:

  • Interior glass
  • Insulated glass units
  • Door hardware
  • Exterior storefronts
  • Entry systems and more
  • Storefront doors

We serve commercial clients in the greater Twin Cities area in Minnesota, Red Wing, MN, and Hastings, MN. Call us today to request an estimate and learn how we can help you.

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