Windshield Replacement & Repair


A cracked or chipped windshield is both unsightly and dangerous.  When a windshield is chipped it will eventually turn into a crack.  We are able to repair a chip before it becomes a large crack that will require the windshield to be replaced.

Cracked windshields are extremely dangerous because for most vehicles the windshield plays an important part in the structural engineering of the vehicle.  Replacing the windshield quickly will keep you and your passengers safe. Ryan & Gordy’s Auto Glass will quickly assess the situation and get your vehicles windshield replaced.

What you get at Ryan & Gordy’s

A company that has been in business for nearly 45 years is something that we can hang our hat on.  Dependability is in our nature.  Most clients request that we do an onsite repair or replacement of their windshield.  We have to be on time and prepared for our clients so they can keep up with their busy lives.  We have been around long enough to know a good product when we see one.  We use only the industries highest quality products.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if we don’t get it right the 1st time we have to pay for it the second time.  With standards and integrity like that we have to be very sure of our product and service.


Chip Repair

Realizing an expensive windshield replacement is needed and insurance won’t cover the bill is a horrible feeling. Ryan & Gordy’s glass are able to fix that chipped windshield for a fraction of the cost to replace a windshield. It is important that the chip be repaired before it gets to large or turns into a major crack. This process is easy affordable and preserves the structural integrity of your vehicles windshield.

Leave it to one of our skilled technicians to handle your windshield repair job, the entire process takes about 30 minutes or less. This repair process can save you hundreds of dollars and may very well be covered by your auto insurance policy. All repairs are completed using state-of-the-art technology that results in a permanent fix. Most all of our repairs on done at a location of your choosing.

Lets repair it if we Can

Nobody wants to pay to replace a windshield if their insurance won’t cover it.  We have an alternative solution that is inexpensive and easy.  If we can get to your windshield before a crack or chip spreads we can typically repair it for a fraction of what a new windshield would cost.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have even the smallest of chips in your windshield.  Typically a we repair a chip in your vehicles windshield in about 30 minutes and get you back on the road.  We use advanced materials to do all of our repairs making it virtually impossible to see where the chip ever was.

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